Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Would you still say yes?

Would you still say yes?
Embrace who and what you are for 2012 and beyond!

Over the weekend I was privileged to attend Iyanla Vanzant's Lift off 2012 speaking event.  As I touch on some key aspects one has rang in my head the qyestion "would you still say yes"?  I didn't understand it at first and I had to let it marinate.  As you reflect on your life and the year that has passed would you still say yes? For every tear you cried and obstacle you overcame would you go through it again?  There was such an abundance of great speakers and pertinent information I wish everyone could have heard it.  Some of the words are not my own but I want to touch on what I heard that chilly night of December 30th, 2011 as we prepared for the coming of a new year 2012. At some point your life begins to shift and you start to change. You're thinking differently, but you welcome that change. 
How do you explain your tipping point?  The point of consciousness where things that didn't make sense start to make sense. At some point in life we have to grow up and take responsibility for our actions.  Your tipping point can be when everything falls apart and then comes together.  This tied in so well with all that I have been meditating on regarding change.  It seems like every question and concern was answered in this seminar. There was a message for me that prompted me to take a trip from New York City to Maryland and it was worth every word.  We are all spiritual beings that have a calling.  We have to take down our limitations and barriers and be a co-creator with our creator.  Everything we want is within not outside.  When you look for happiness outside of yourself you will never experience happiness.  You have to feel and believe in your vision and know the outcome you seek is going to manifest. Follow the law of detachment.  The law of detachment works simultaneously with the law of attraction!  Do not become attached to the results but put your visions into the universe and watch your creator bring them to fruition.  You have to believe in what your calling is.  Each one of us has a unique gift.  Its up to you to find that gift and be able to use it to benefit mankind.  What we resist persists. That voice you hear listen to it.  Call on your ancestors they are there waiting to help you. See your celebration!  Get a couple of like minds that can see what you can see and champion your idea. It's called The Law of Few! New ideas can become an epidemic and you have to make that simple choice "TO DO"!  Let your tipping point be your boiling point to get it together! Tell the truth about where you are in your life.  Stop pretending or wearing masks for people.  Let 2012 be the year of action and service!

Would you still say yes?

Ask yourself if everything you went through made you into the person you are today?  Speaking for myself I live with no regrets! I would go through everything that I went through again because it made me into the person I am today.  Every struggle is for a purpose. The parents you have are the parents that you chose. Would you still choose those same parents? Grow up in the same conditions?  If you suffered abuse physical, mental or verbal what would you trade that in?  Would you trade in relationships that hurt you? A man or woman that hurt you?  Remember we all have the power of choice.  Don't blame others take responsibility for your actions whether they caused pain or joy! For 2012 stand up and claim your purpose. Never struggle against "What is".    We get what we picture and what we think about most of the time. So turn those negative thoughts into positive ones. I hear a lot of women saying there are no good men out here and how they can't find a mate. Well guess what if you think it, so shall it be.  If you think there are no good men out you will only attract no good men.  If you think there aren't any mates out there then you will never find one! So start shifting your thoughts and your consciousness.  Also for those with children get them in this mindset.  Ask yourself would you still say yes?

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