Friday, June 22, 2012

Blood Sweat & Tears

This post is called blood sweat and tears because today I am happy and proud to call myself a mother. God does nothing without reason and sometimes we have our own ideas about what we should be doing but God has his master plan.  An old Yiddish proverb "Man plans God Laughs"!
For anyone that has ever been through a transition can relate to me if they haven't maybe they can been inspired. When you reach a certain level of maturity which has nothing to do with age but life experience, you begin to connect the dots looking backwards (Steve Jobs). Looking forward you don't know why certain situations happens, why specific people come and go from your life. Every person good, bad or indifferent serves a purpose in your life and has not been placed there by accident. Certain pain, joys, lessons what do they all mean? As I reconnect the dots on my own life what I have been through, I have often questioned God as I believe we all have. It was my blood, sweat and tears that has built me into the woman I am today. I am in transition, transition is a when you are able to take your life lessons, wisdom and purpose and move with them in unison to the next phase of your life. It's spiritual alignment, knowing your purpose and letting go.  Letting go and letting God lead the path he has laid for you.  My only son is making his first transition to manhood, I am so proud of him because he has internalized our family and moral values which we have instilled in him. Our family untraditional, but he still "gets it" and wants his own family and wife one day. It truly takes a village and my village has covered, protected and sheltered us.  My needs have always been provided for me to do the things that I had to do to raise my son in a protected loving, spiritual, environment. Of course we all make mistakes and no parent is perfect but as long as you do the best you can with what you have you have done your job. Parenting is a lifelong contract and it's one I would not have traded in for all of the money in the world.

Today I am just happy, happy with life, happy with me and knowing who I am finally. What I want and embracing my womanhood.  Not being afraid anymore to say what I feel and feel what I say. Finally taking care of number one and learning what it means to honor myself. You cannot honor God without first honoring yourself.  I have so many more dots and life experiences to connect but so far what I have learned has been life altering.  So in closing connect the dots of your own life and don't be afraid to have faith in a higher order because in that you will definitely find your joy, passion and purpose! Life is not always about the pain its about the happiness too! Blood, Sweat and Tears!

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